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In depth: Bjorn Empty In depth: Bjorn

on Thu May 03, 2018 8:33 pm
The Bjorn see life as a set of challenges, if they are not doing it the hard way, than they are usually being lazy, and thus doing it wrong. They refuse to hunt small game, instead going after larger, more dangerous creatures that could pose a threat to them quite easily. Bjorn warriors are refered to as Berserkers, an apt term, as the Bjorn are the most skilled in developing, and tempering their rage in many ways, keeping their rage at a constant high, they never run under half power, even when completely calm.

The bjorn magic users, while rare, are quite integral to Bjorn culture, their Ritualists and Druids keep their link to the spirit realm intact, allowing them to commune with their ancestors and sometimes even their gods, they use bone totems and charms to summon spirits to help them.

The Bjorn are the only race that knows fully the secrets of the mystical metal Soulsteel, which they use for the weapon that is integral to their culture, the war cleaver. Each Bjorn makes their own Cleaver, which they improve upon and decorate as they go through life, The War cleaver will then have a sliver taken from it for each child of the Bjorn as they come of age, and used to make their new blade, a symbol of passing the strength and wisdom from one generation to the next.

They have a great reverence for hunting, and battle, and their right of passage, is one shared between them, and their plain land neighbors the Dracovo, which is to slay a dracovian hound, a feral cousin of the Dracovo that specializes in whipping its prey with its tail before skewering them with ice, and can use the ice as armor when in a pinch.

As mentioned before, they share the same coming of age trial, and often have their young team up in pairs to take them on, mostly to inspire teamwork between the races.

The greatest example of teamwork that these two people have done, is the current Bjorn King Skorri's war cleaver, known as sunsunderer which was forged in dracovo fire, and given the power of Dracovo flame by The Dracovo King, Ugorn, they then sword their blood oath to each other before quenching the sword in oil mixed with their blood, and dried in sand mixed with the ashes of their kill, it is said that the leather of this blades handle is made from the dracovian hound that they slaid.

The twin to this blade, is the Dracovo King Ugorns own blade, known as Frostfang, This blade was made identically to Skorris war cleaver, except fashioned into a Dracovo katana,  it is the only weapon in the world made from Soulsteel that is not a war cleaver and/or made for a Bjorn. Unlike Skorris war cleaver, This blade is enhanced with the ice magic that has made the Bjorn people famous.
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